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Location: Franklin House
2 Bridge Avenue
W6 9JP

Time: Sunday, 1 - 5pm
                                                                                             Spring Block 2018: January 14th - April 8th

Summer Block 2018: May 6th - July 22nd                                                                                           

Price: £400                          

Aimed at training the actor who seeks a career on stage, this course equips students with a definite understanding of the methodology on which much of the Western world's approach to acting is based, mainly, but not exclusively, Stanislavsky. Terms such as ‘ the seven questions’, ‘objectives’ and ‘character types’ are explained and used to improve your craft. The class is practical and the ideas and tools will be taught through practical exercises, working towards a showcase at the end of the third term at the BUSH theatre.

This term we will be working towards doing an agents showcase. All students participating will perform at least two contempory pieces.