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Location: Kensington & Chelsea College                      Wornington Rd,                                                        London W10 5QQ

TIME: 6:30 - 9:30pm

DAY: Tuesday

  1. £400 - one Instalment

  2. £215 - two instalments

  3. £150 - three instalments

SUMMER BLOCK 2019: April 30th - July 23rd

(includes one week break for half term)

Aimed at the professional or trained actor, these classes will improve your all round game and teach you how to use your skills on screen. Every class will push you to try something outside your 'box of tricks' and give you the practical tools required in order to get the job. Students from this class have booked shows like 'Game of thrones', 'Peaky blinders' and 'American Gods'.

*Please note there is a no refund policy on all courses