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Eloise Lovell Anderson
Currently filming 'The Bastard Executioner' for FX

"AIS is a school dedicated in aiding actors to establish not just their craft but their careers, I like to call it 'the gym for actors'. I find the school second to none in creating a professional space for actors who are looking to excel (and I don't use that terminology lightly as I personally credit the school for helping me nail my auditions and 'land the role') so if you're looking to gain confidence in the room then I highly urge you to get to class. What really resonates for me is the variety of methods used which enables the actor not to stagnate or get stuck in a certain approach and really get right to the essence of what acting is about and way beyond any displays of acting. AIS is certainly the place to deepen your knowledge and authenticity not just as an actor but as a person and I count myself very fortunate to have discovered these classes. The teachers are passionate and committed and regularly bring in an array of highly credited industry professionals, be it casting directors, directors, producers etc formulating a 'true' working environment and direct feedback and growth. AIS is inspiring, challenging, humbling and worth every second, you cannot help but find the energy infectious and we all hold each other accountable to bring out the best in our work.
Without a doubt these classes are for those with a readiness to take their skillset to the next level in an environment that is in absolute support and service to that.
This is a massive thank you from me and credit to my teachers for my journey thus far and an excitement of the continuation together.
See you in class!"