Here’s our angle on actor training.

Who are we?
Experienced Professionals in the world of, acting, writing and directing – we are passionate about story telling and believe acting is a craft and an art form that is constantly developing.

What do we want?
You. People with a passion for life and a passion for acting. To train actors and get them ready and involved with the best the industry has to offer.

Why do we want it?
We care about people and our art form. we believe every individual has something different to offer and that we can help discover what that is, by tapping into who you are, feeing up the body, mind and emotions.

How can we get it?
By us working with you and you working with us. We will inspire you. Inspire us. We hope to instil confidence through technique, learning, exploration and edification.

What is in the way?
Usually just ourselves. Pride. Arrogance. Vanity. To name but a few. We say, “Assume nothing – deny nothing”. And of course, leave yourself alone! We want to inspire and explore people who want to act. By supporting you to be yourselves. That’s what’s interesting, the individuals, who then come together to make the collective. We will use techniques past, present and future from Stanislavski and Meisner to Susan Batson and Yat Malgrem.

We also see the actors immediate physical and intellectual surroundings as crucial to their development so we will regularly be bringing in people from different areas in the industry to contribute. Daniel Hubbard, Lissy Holms and Liela Bertrand, to name but a few, will be in and around us, and you.

After just one season, (ten week course) our students are getting work. We are an alive and active collective.